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AYO!! READ THIS BEFORE YOU READ THE ARTICLE BELOW!!!!!!!!!! *(THIS IS A COPY OF A VERY BUTCHERED ARTICLE. MY NAME & A LOT OF THE INFORMATION IS INCORRECT. ANYWAY, IT'S STILL PRESS. SOMEONE ONCE SAID THAT BAD PRESS IS GOOD PRESS, I DONT NO ABOUT THAT. ALSO, BELOW THIS COPY IS A LINK TO THE ACTUAL ARTICLE. WELL READ IT AND LAUGH. IT'S BETTER THAN CRYING.) MCR/ELECTRIC OTTO Electric Otto's Funk Factory Web-posted Mar 27, 2005 The UpBeat By GARY GRAFF Of The Daily Oakland Press Name: Electric Otto's Funk Factory. Advertisement Formed: January in Southfield. Sound: "Neo Detroit Funk." Members: Matthew C. "Electric Otto" Rellison on bass, joined by a revolving group of musicians that frequently includes his wife, Jacinta Shanae Rellison, on vocals and percussion; Charles Prophet Jr., on saxophone; and Steve Szajna on guitar. Influences: James Brown, George Clinton, Parliament-Funkadelic, Prince, Bootsy Collins, Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins, Carl Craig, Kool & the Gang, Herbie Hancock and Red Hot Chili Pepper. Day jobs: Rellison is a martial arts teacher in Southfield and is planning a summer program for the Howard Dell Center in Pontiac. What's in a name?: Rellison, who's also a graphic artist (and comedian), created Electric Otto as a cartoon character who has special powers that allow him to discharge electricity from his body and also to create robotic clones of himself. "Electric Otto is kind of a protector of the city of Detroit," Rellison explains. "He faces a lot of monsters, rival forces, gangsters that try to take over the city for their own agenda, but he doesn't want Detroit to be destroyed or put in jeopardy. So he builds an army of robots to protect the city and increase his power." So you wanna be a star: While EOFF plays live as a full band, it started mostly as a studio project, with the jazz- and classically trained Rellison playing most of the instruments himself. "I'm a very focused musician," he says. "A lot of times, we run into people who are not serious or professional. I have to keep the ball rolling, so I'll go into the studio, record a bunch of material, press it up, make copies, do the artwork and graphics, put it out. Then, when I do live shows, we do the same material but with a full band. There's people I work with around the country who are kind of on call for us." Who knew?: Rellison holds black belts in two different martial arts systems, Ryu Kyu Kempo and Isshun Ryu karate. Favorite gig: Rellison lists EOFF's performance at the D-F.U.N.K. show in February at Alvin's as a highlight of the group's still-young career. "It was good to see four bands come together and bring our audiences together in unity," he says. "It was a good vibe, a lot of fun and full of learning from each other because even though we're all funk bands, we have different approaches. But together, we just wanted to push this music and make people happy." What's next: "My motto is, 'Matthew C. Rellison - the Future of Funk,' " he says. "My whole goal is to play all over the globe, become an established, famous musician, get involved in musical projects across the board - production, session work, live entertainment, collaborations, managing, promotions, the whole nine. I just want to take it as far as I can." Hear 'em: Rellison has self-released three albums under his own name - "Detroit Funk-Jazz Fusion," "313 Funk" and the brand new "Motor City Raw Funk: Matthew C. Rellison is the Future of Funk." See 'em: EOFF performs April 21 and 28 at the New Way Bar, 23130 Woodward Ave., Ferndale. Admission is $5 on April 21, $7 on April 28. Call (248) 642-1094. Surf 'em: www.myspace. com/electricotto. The Oakland Press will regularly feature a different band or musician in The UpBeat. To be included, send background information, a black-and-white nonreturnable photo, daytime phone number and current CD to: Gary Graff, The Daily Oakland Press, 48 W. Huron, Pontiac 48342.” - GARY GRAFF